At ADK, are committed to make sure that you achieve your goals without worrying about the running of your day-to-day operations. In this regard, we offer:

As a business owner, you may be handling all aspects of your business, by yourself. That is a huge opportunity loss for your business to grow because after all, you have limited resources and time. This is where ADK can help you.

Our business experts at ADK can help you grab new business opportunities by maximizing your resources within a short span of time.
We can bring about a transformation in your business operations, increasing your efficiency and improving your productivity, while keeping your costs under control.
We can help you adapt to the latest technology tools, without investing huge amounts of money or time.

We can analyze your business and come up with implementable solutions that can solve your problems effectively.

We can help you fill up those gaps between supply and demand.

Under our business consultancy services, we can help you with:

Expanding your business

If you are thinking of expanding your market or extending your product portfolio, we can conduct an extensive market research and give you suggestions that work. Our business experts can help you take informed decisions to achieve your goal. We can help you design and implement strategies for business growth.

Maximizing the efficiency of your business

Our operations experts can help in re-engineering your key processes to make your operations fast, responsive and cost-effective. We will do a thorough study of your current operations, map out your existing business processes, and identify opportunities that can help in reducing the steps involved in the completion of a task, without compromising on the quality of your operations. We enable you to put in place, quality control systems that can reduce errors in your operations.

Automating your business operations

Every business has been adopting software systems to automate its processes so as to reduce errors and improve productivity. If you have no idea where to start ADK can help you out. Our experience in working with many businesses in transforming their business operations helps us suggest the steps you need to take in order to automate all or most of your business operations to enhance your capabilities.

Marketing and customer-engagement

  • No matter how good your product is, it may not sell if it is not promoted or marketed the right way. Whether it is about creating a new logo for your business, establishing a new market position for any of your brands or engaging with your customers on social media, our marketing experts can be of help to you. By analyzing your target audience and studying your competitors’ strategies we help you in developing the right marketing and social media approach to ascend your business to the next level of growth.
  • If you have a clear business vision, we can help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time with our industry expertise, extensive knowledge and rich experience.