At ADK, are committed to make sure that you achieve your goals without worrying about the running of your day-to-day operations. In this regard, we offer:

As small business owners you may be finding it difficult to handle IT issues that you may have little or no knowledge of.

The outcome?

You end up with major problems such as network errors, system hacks and data loss that might even be irreparable.

The best way to avoid these kind problems would be to hire an IT consultancy like ADK that can proactively address all your technological needs.
ADK offers end-to-end IT solutions to help your business migrate to the cloud successfully; to manage your IT services and improve your on premise operations and to design, develop and maintain your systems with 24/7 support. Our IT consulting services include:

ERP-Related Services

We thoroughly analyze your business processes and suggest the right Enterprise Resource Planning to go for. In case your business requirements are very specific, we develop and implement customized ERP solutions to improve your business operations and enable you to respond to your customers in a proactive manner. We also provide the necessary upgrades, apart from the high level support.
Cloud Consulting Services

Not every business would know about the right cloud technologies to adopt or the right cloud applications to host. This is where ADK can help. We evaluate the suitability of your cloud applications; help you choose the right cloud platform; develop the perfect cloud strategy and accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Business Process Design & Re-Engineering

We thoroughly evaluate the tasks that are involved in your business and come up with a business process design that improves your performance, keeping in mind your organizational goals, IT capabilities and constraints. We also re-engineer your existing process in a manner that will add value to your business operations, without adding to your costs.

Enterprise-Related Services

Keeping in mind your short-term as well as long-term business goals, we develop the right enterprise architecture that will define the structure as well as the operations of your organization. We make sure we do away with the redundant business process and make maximum use of your organizational assets, while minimizing your employee turnover. We also offer enterprise performance management reporting solutions to improve your decision-making processes and adapt to the changing market demands.

Network/Hardware Design and Operating Systems Installation/Maintenance

We manage all aspects of network design and maintenance. After a thorough analysis of your requirements we propose a hardware design that gives an accurate idea about what kind of equipment you might have to invest in. In addition, we install operating systems and maintain them on a regular basis.

IT Systems Audit & Security

IT is where most companies end up spending most of their money. This is something that can change the way a business operates. World over cyber attach are a serious threat and data theft a real issue. If you are vulnerable to such malicious attacks or data loss, with our IT audit services, we can make sure your IT systems are highly secure, absolutely reliable and free from cyber-attacks. We also manage your IT systems, making sure there is no inefficiency or wastage in use. Through our advanced IT security tools available in the market, we make sure your data, hardware and software systems are well-protected against any damage, theft or loss.

Database Administration Services

We undertake all aspects of Database administration services including designing the database system, implementing as well as maintaining it, establishing appropriate policies & procedures related to managing, safeguarding, maintaining and using the database management system and training the employees in using and managing the database. Our team members are well-aware of the latest designs and technologies with regard to database administration. This expertise helps us cater to your database requirements perfectly.