Our pro trainers can pitch in to train your new recruits in global best practices & IT processes.

In today’s world almost every company has a customized software solution to keep their business operations running smoothly. Training new recruits to use new system consumes a lot of time and effort. We have professional trainers who can pitch in to train your new recruits in the IT processes that you may be using at your organization.

Through structured, in-depth interventions, we make sure they become experts in using your customized software systems, irrespective of their complexities. Not only would this service help you avoid errors, it will also increase the efficiency of your new employees, making them job-ready without any waste of time.

We work with you in understanding your requirements and evaluating your existing staff / new employees. This helps us determine the kind of intervention required to develop the required skill pools. We will also figure out the best methodologies/channels/platform to deliver such training to maximize the learning outcomes in a time-bound, cost-effective manner.

  • We offer customized IT training and skill development services to make sure your new employees start contributing towards the achievement of your organizational goals.
  • We make the necessary arrangements to deliver training at your desired location, be it on-site or off-site.
  • We evaluate your candidates for the necessary skills and then come up with an effective training calendar for the full year.

Through our IT training and skill development services we offer:

Post-recruitment Training

You may have picked the best brains, yet they are likely to take a while before they are ready to discharge their duties and perform as per your expectations. Not every organization is able to afford lengthy learning curves to allow new recruits the time needed to improve their work effectiveness. Through our work-readiness training, ADK transforms young Technology Turks into highly smart race horses, within the shortest span of time.

Issue-based Training 

If there are any work-related issues that are stopping your employees from performing their best, we can address that with our issue-based training. We can propose crisp and effective training programs to fill in critical skill gaps and improve the overall productivity of your team.

Project Preparatory Training

Different projects require different skill mapping that your team may not always have. At ADK, we develop highly engaging, interactive training modules for every project they are going to execute. By plugging in the skill gaps, our service equips your resources for managing roll out of projects of mission-critical projects.


There may be times when you wished you had hired certified professionals for key accounts, except that it can double your costs. ADK has a solution. We can train your existing employees and prepare them to be certified professionals. We will also advise you on where to deploy the new skills for best outcomes.

We believe in tailoring our training programmes to match your exact specifications so you get job-ready employees who make it easy for you to achieve all your goals. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your training requirements, identify your skill gaps and utilize your resource potential to the maximum.