ADK assists you in Flexi, Just-in-Time hiring to match your project inflow.

When important projects need to be delivered on time, it is not a good idea to overburden your existing staff. This will have a negative effect on their productivity and may even lead to high employee turnover. If you want to avoid attrition, you may have to recruit new employees and then train them on your project line.

Recruiting and training new employees is definitely going to cost you both money and time. We can make sure you find resources that are competent and cost-efficient, so you don’t end up unnecessarily stretching your wage bill.  We also assist in flexi, just-in-time hiring to match project inflow.

  • We help you hire temporary employees on contract or temp-to-hire basis depending upon your requirements, in a very cost-effective manner.
  • We analyze your requirements and help you find a competency match, within a pre-specified time-frame.
  • We help you save time that you may have to otherwise use on posting job ads, screening job applications, interviewing applicants and shortlisting them for onboarding.
  • Based on your specs, we can list out the skills are required and evaluate your existing employees against the same.

Payroll Services or Payrolling

Payrolling is one task that ends up consuming most of the time of your employees, especially if you are a small business that cannot afford to have its own HR department. We can add value to your company by arranging the payments of your staff and managing all the paperwork that is involved with recruitments. You also get to shortlist and hire your employees as per your policies and requirements.